Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

I thought with the new year starting I would check in on my blog. My friend, Jill, pointed out that I had not blogged in quite a while, which is very true. Blogging is very time consuming I have found and with sewing I just don't really have time for both. I'll give it a better try this year though.

So, I want to share our New Year's Eve tradition. I am pretty low maintenance and enjoy staying home. I have no interest in partying or being out on the road.

I got this tradition from an old friend of mine, Janice. Janice is a very special person and was best friends with my old neighbor, Kay, who was also very special. A few years ago we were emailing back and forth and I asked what she was doing for New Year's Eve and she told me her and her husband go to their friend's and enjoy fondue and good conversation.

I loved the idea so much that we started this tradition. I know for sure this is the 3rd year we have done it. Here are a few pictures from our evening and what we enjoy cooking.


Squash and Zucchini

And for everyone who my entire life couldn't understand why I didn't eat any fruit, guess what, both of these are a fruit! Yes, they are! They have seeds inside, the easiest way to know something is fruit. Feel free to google it, you'll see I am right!

Steak and Chicken

Normally they aren't dumped in the same bowl but tonight I told hubby to just mix them to make life a little easier. They are all getting cooked anyways so what did it matter!


I am actually not a big salt person but this is a must for my fondue night! In honor of Janice and Kay I used my super special salt shaker. It is tupperware and just like they had when I was growing up.

Here is our food cooking!

And Dallas giving it a thumbs up!

He kept saying over and over how great this meal was and that it was the best steak ever. That it was so nice and quiet and relaxing! He loved being able to cook his own.

Towards the end we get tired of cooking it bite by bite and just dump it all in.


This happens to be our leftovers which we'll enjoy tomorrow with rice. I am not much of a collars and black eyed peas girl.

So, what are your New Year's traditions?

I would love to hear about them in the comments! And remember it is never too late to start a new one!

We'll polish off the evening with some pound cake and chocolate syrup.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy 2011!
Happy New Year!


Jill said...

Looks so yummy! Today we will be enjoying the traditional Blackeyed Peas, Greens and Cornbread.

Mom of 2 princesses said...

I love fondue! We don't go out either on NYE. We get some junk and some noise makers and just hang out together until the ball drops. I enjoy being with family!