Monday, June 20, 2016

Cutest Father's Day Project Ever - Finding Nemo / Dory

Yesterday for Father's Day I wanted to make a fun family project. I saw this idea on a Disney Facebook page by a fan and decided to run with it adding a twist to make it fit for our family. We are family of three and therefore I decided we would go with Nemo, for my 13 year old, Marlin, for my husband, and Dory, for myself. That way we had one painting that represented our entire family.

First you'll want to gather your supplies. I used washable paint and finger paint paper because it was what I had here. I must say I think it turned out super well. Those were also just some brushes we had sitting around.

I decided to paint my left hand since I am right handed. I would suggest doing the same if right handed for best results, just place on the paper as needed to be swimming the "correct" way. 

Here you can see what exactly I painted on the hands. I found not using a ton of paint was best but you need enough if you move slower so that it doesn't soak in before you can print on the paper. Don't worry if you don't leave a spot for the eyeball or it doesn't turn out well, you can fix that later.

I ended up painting on my husband's and son's hands because they decided it would be best. They aren't too crafty or into painting. 

Let this dry, it doesn't need to be completely dry before you move on but the dryer the better because next you are going to add the details!

After it is mostly dry, you'll want to paint on the black stripes, dot a white eye, draw a mouth and then add on some seaweed, also add waves for water if you like (I chose to skip this step). We used fingerprints for the bubbles.

You can make this uniquely yours of course with your details! If you need more characters there are many to choose from, I think Squirt or Crush would be adorable or Pearl. I also think they would be super easy to achieve with hand prints!!

Enjoy!! Feel free to share your pictures in the comments or leave a link!!

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