Thursday, June 12, 2014

Too Many Little Lego Minifigures?

Every wonder how to display all your lego minifigures? With the recent popularity of the mystery bags I felt like I needed to find a way to display those cute little boogers! We, my now 11 year old son and I, started purchasing when the very first series was released. We happen to be at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney and were happy to be able to grab a few. It wasn't until the third series was released that I thought these can't just decorate our town, they need a display of their own. Years ago my grandmother had introduced to me printers drawers. Here is what I am talking about in case you have never heard of them.

This one was filled through the years and currently a few things are missing out of it. But if you look at the drawer it is the perfect size for little lego men. I then began my search for the perfect drawer. These are old and not always the easiest to find but I usually hit the antique stores. My mom ended up finding the one below when she was up at her mountain house and grabbed it. It was perfect!!!

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The one thing I realized is that we would soon be needing another drawer therefore I was on the hunt once again and once again my mom came through. Here is our second one.

I'm not as fond of the Simpsons set along the top but again was running out of the room. For now they are grouped up there. Overall I'm not a fan of the Simpsons.

These drawers both ran me around $50 but were well worth the cost and if you count all the little spots there is room for lots and lots of minifigures. They can also be found on ebay just be prepared to pay the shipping on a large item. If you just want to showcase one mini series collection, like the Simpsons, then the smaller size would be adequate.

Hope you enjoyed our collection and what I feel is the perfect way to display our lego friends.

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